Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chief Minister's Verdict on Vishwaroopam

'Karunanidhi is my political adversary and I haven't banned the films made by his family members. Then why should I ban Kamal Haasan's movie'. The very punch pierced through lens of cameras and boom mikes in the press meet hall as honorable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha interacted with media channels pertaining to the ban on Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam.

With the entire Indian film fraternity thronging up for the support of Kamal Haasan, the Chief Minister incisively clarified that she has nothing to do personally with Kamal as he is not her rival in anyway and there is no political vendetta with respect to this issue.

'The Government had to take certain actions and pass section 144 for the sake of maintaining peace and cordiality in the state' said CM Jayalalitha as she continued to add that this a feud between Kamal Haasan and the party that has opposed the release of film on its feelings, which could be amicabbly settled.

When asked about Kamal Haasan on his statement of selling his properties to settle the loss, she had a sang-froid reply saying, "The Government has nothing to do with Kamal Haasan's decision of pledging his property to make a film."

On the pars, celebrated actors and technicians from Tamil film industry and small screen that included Siva Kumar, Suriya, Karthi, Bala, Prasanna, Madhavan, Ameer, producer KE Gnanavel Raja and others were spotted at the residence of Kamal Haasan to have their views exerted following the decision of Tamil Nadu CM. They thanked chief minister for the commendable decision and mentioned that their support for Kamal Haasan will remain constant forever.

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