Saturday, February 2, 2013

Actor Kamal & Muslim groups come to a settlement

Kamal Haasan talking to the press at around 8:00pm IST on Feb 2nd, said that the meeting with the Muslim groups has been successful in resolving Vishwaroopam's release problem. He added that he has accepted to remove few ‘objectionable’ audio segments from the movie.
Once these segments are removed, a certification will be obtained again from the Censor Board, which could probably be tomorrow (3rd February) and a release date will be announced as soon as possible. 

The actor also added that he will be withdrawing the writ petition from the High Court. He once again thanked the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr.J.Jayalalitha and the Tamil Nadu Government for playing a major role in resolving the problem. Kamal also thanked the media and his fans for their continued support. 

The Muslim groups have also re-iterated that they now have no personal animosity against Kamal and that they will withdraw the cases in regards to the issue immediately.

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