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Vishal krishna Birthday Celebration Pic, Stills, Photo gallery albums

Birthday stills of Actor Vishal that was held at Theeratha Vilayuttu Pillai sets at Chennai. Seen along with him is Artist Neetu Chandra, Director Thiru, Cameraman Aravind krishna and the Unit who greeted Vishal.
Chennai365 team wishes Vishal a great year ahead!!

Avatar Exclusive Footage Screening Stills

Many Countries acoss the globe celebrated the Avatar Day and was excited. But now a great news awaiting for Avatar’s Indian Fans. A 15 minutes footage of the film will be screened in IMax Mumbai and Satyam Chennai for free on August 28.

Michael Jackson Tribute Birthday Concert at Chennai Photo Gallery!

Me, Abishek’s sister? Sorry boss!

Would you love to romance a handsome guy or be his sis? Most of the B-town hotties backed off from the second option. It turned to be an unimaginable scenario for the actresses when Mani Ratnam offered them to enact Abhishek’s sister.
That was all for this upcoming flick ‘Raavan’ featuring Abhishek, Aishwarya Rai, Vikram in lead roles fast on heels on completion.
Finding an actress for the role of ‘Soorpanakha’ turned to be a speculative task for ace filmmaker. Most of the leading actresses in Bollywood refused the offer and South Indian missies weren’t an elision. Finally, ‘National Award Winner’ Priyamani who was preferred for Tamil, had to be picked for the Hindi version as well.
According to the sources, the characterization of ‘Soorpanakha’ has powerful prominence all throughout the film. Per chance, the actresses who refused this role may regret for having missed the deal.

'Singam' First Look

Yesterday (August 30th) the walls of the city were full with posters, that had a man whom we all know, in a different yet familiar look! Confused? We are talking about the new image of Suriya for his upcoming project ‘Singam’. What’s so different about Suriya’s looks is his mush - he is looking like a version of ‘Virumandi’ Kamal. And what’s so familiar about him is his Police getup! Yup! After appearing as a policeman from a city Suriya is seen holding a big ‘Aruva’ and giving a fierce look. The highlight of his make-over is the string of lemon and a flower garland worn around his neck, plus his face with a lot of kumkum and kaki uniform unbuttoned! Suriya started ‘Singam’ with Hari, one of his favourite directors in on August 23rd. Produced by Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green, the first schedule of the film has started in Kuttralam. Tollywood's hottest heroine Anushka is playing as Suriya's lead lady for the first time in this film. Check out these posters!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Actress Sona Stills

Kadhalukku Maranamillai Sexy Stills, Pics, Photo Gallery, Wallpapers

7 Things I liked about Kanthaswamy

1. The concept
Kanthaswamy might not be the first movie to say this, but it is definitely an idea that deserves to be told time and again until we are close to realizing it. Uneven accumulation of wealth is one issue that has been hampering our development for decades. Statistics put India right at the top of the list of countries which have personal deposits in Swiss banks. The rest of the world would not be able to outweigh India in terms of black money, some say. The movie also emphasizes that accrual of illegal money gives unwarranted powers to few who feel no remorse in misusing it. So, Kanthaswamy indeed raises a pertinent point.
2. The Style
We always knew that Vikram was a class actor, but we never knew that he could be so stylish. Anniyan’s Remo is perhaps the only character he had played which has
emphasis on style. But, Kanthaswamy has outdone all that. The blazers and the coolers sit perfectly on Vikram and he carries them off with élan. The costumer must be applauded for some excellent work.
3. The leading lady
Well, Shriya has always been a soft target for those who don’t like the conventional arm candy type of heroines, Kanthaswamy has been no different. But, there is more to her performance in the movie than the petty criticisms. First, she is playing the daughter of a multi millionaire and she has brought out that haughty demeanor in a great way. The high handedness, the attitude and overconfident body language are all present. Of course, her dance movements will be setting new benchmarks for leading ladies in Tamil cinema, watch the final portions of the ‘Allegra’ song to understand fully what has been said.
4. The visuals
For a film that has been called run of the mill commercial stuff, the camera department has been daringly different. No one can remember an Indian film that had opted for a yellow tone throughout. We have had shades of blue and other pleasing colors at best, but yellow is definitely a new experience. Only Hollywood has tried this before. The scenes in Mexico, especially the aerial shot of three hummers atop a bridge, are extremely well taken.
5. The sets
The art department must be applauded for creating some sets that appear very genuine, especially the interiors of the CBI office, the interrogation room and other such small touches.
6. The songs
Richly shot, peppy and well placed; the songs of Kanthaswamy are really a highlight of the film. Be it the racy ‘Allegra’, the conversation type ‘Excuse Me’ or the raunchy ‘Meeow Meeow’, all catch the eye.
7. The Places
Susi Ganesan has globe trotted for Kanthaswamy. The locations are ones that have never been seen before; full credit to the team for unearthing such unseen locations and bringing them onto screen. Thanks to Kalaipuli Thanu for showing faith in the director and giving him all that he needed to make the spectacle possible.

Palaivana Cholai Movie Gallery

Palaivana Cholai Movie Stills
Many of us would be reminded of the 1981 classic movie Palaivana Cholai directed by Robert Rajasekar reading that title. The film “which featured Janakaraj, Rajeev, Vagai Chandrasekar, Thyagu and Suhasini” did wonderful business at that time. It made its producer, Vadivel of Maruthi Films, very rich. Now, the producer has decided to harness the film’s crowd-pulling capacity again. He has joined hands with director Dayalan to remake it with Nithin Sathya and Karthika (of Nam Nadu and Dindigul Sarathi fame).
Chandrasekhar’s role is played by Nitin Sathya, Rajiv’s role by Abhinay, Thumbu Kailash’s role by Sanjeev, Thyagu’s role by Sathyan, Janakaraj’s role by Samson, as well as Suhasini’s role by Karthika.
Sarathi who directs this film has modified the screenplay slight to the tastes of modern audience. However, he has retained the hit songs Megamey Megamey from the original; but they will slightly remixed.

Aunpama Kumar Stills

A bit about myself:- Aunpama Kumar
I have been involved in the field of television for over fourteen years as a Producer, Anchor, Visualizer, Journalist and Channel Producer. For the past four years I have been pursuing a role hitherto unexplored by me – that of Television Anchor, Film/Television Actor, and Advertising Model. What started off as a hobby and a passion has bloomed into a full-fledged career with due success.
Prior to this I was with Satyam Infoway Ltd (NASDAQ: SIFY) handling the twin responsibilities of Communications and Media Management for the E-Commerce Business Unit. My responsibilities included advertising, media planning, branding, corporate films, exhibitions, seminars, brochures and media relations.
I have been greatly helped in this by my experience in the Operations & Programming team at ZEE NEWS. There I was liaisoning between outside media houses, production companies, international programme producers and television agencies and co-ordinating on a daily basis with Hongkong regarding uplinking. My work also included constant market monitoring and acquiring sponsorship, in consultation with the marketing department. I was also a News Anchor with the same channel.
By virtue of a Diploma in Multimedia from Aptech, Arena, I am also a trained graphics artist.
All my assignments have also included diverse media functions like research, scripting, shooting, editing and I am familiar and comfortable with working in a team (often as the leader), in high-pressure environments and under tight deadlines.

Unnaipol Oruvan Latest Stills, Pics, Photo gallery, Wallpapers

‘Avatar’ will stun you!

Most of James Cameron’s films cover great special effects along with a strong story, which is why he is one of the most successful filmmakers of all time. Now, after ‘Titanic he is back with this Sci-fi actioner.
Through the epic action film ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron takes us to a stunningly new world beyond our imagination. On the distant moon Pandora, a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of salvation and discovery as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilization. ‘Avatar’ will take you to the world of Na'vi, a humanoid race settled on Pandora. The Na'vi are not aliens, but an evolutionary form of humans standing 10 feet tall with a bright blue skin tone. The Na'vi are primitive in their ways, they hunt with bows, they don't rely on technology and have more than a few rituals. The humans create the Avatar program, wherein a human can control the body of a Na'vi warrior and live like one Na'vi on Pandora. This movie is a blend of CGI and real-time action. So, people prepare to encounter the world of ‘Avatar’!
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